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G-8 success at programming, analysis, and materiel integration is central to achieving the Army Vision of transforming into a strategically responsive and dominant force. We share the sense of urgency and commitment necessary to rebuild the Army's strategic readiness while accelerating our efforts to transform and modernize. We will continue to focus on developing flexibility and capability while supporting the long war, and always maintaining Soldiers as our centerpiece. The G-8 vision is to:

Our strength lies in the talent, experience, and dedication of our people. Experts in many diverse disciplines, we work cooperatively as an integrated team, focused on strategic dominance. We seek innovative approaches to developing solutions and appreciate unconventional thinking, daring ideas, and bold solutions. We foster open and cooperative relationships with higher headquarters, supported Combatant and Army commands, Army staff partners, and sister services to both exceed expectations and to support the success
of others.

Through our hard work and commitment, we will make certain that The Army Vision becomes The Army Reality.