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ASPMO Mission


Ms. Meghan Mariman
Army Study Program Management Office
United States Army
Washington, DC

The Army Study Program Management Office (ASPMO) provides value to the Army by developing an integrated program of studies and analyses focused on high-priority Army issues.  The overall objective of the Army Study Program (ASP) is to inform Senior Army Leadership with timely, high quality insight on the critical issues impacting the Army.  The Program eliminates unnecessary redundancy in analysis efforts and expands upon lessons learned and best business practices to achieve cost-effective stewardship.  Studies and analysis provide a logical basis for decisions to improve military operations.  The ASP leverages information technology to support information exchange.   The ASP database, accessible to all AKO account holders, enables users to access information on thousands of completed, ongoing and planned studies.

To find out more about ASPMO, please visit the ASPMO Website (via AKO)