CAA Mission

CAA conducts decision support analyses across the spectrum of conflict in a Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental,
and Multinational (JIIM) context to inform critical senior level decisions for current and future national security issues.

CAA Roles

The Center for Army Analysis is a Field Operating Agency of the Chief of Staff, Army, reporting to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Programs, G-8. Within the overall Army analytical framework, CAA is an analysis organization that supports Headquarters, Department of the Army, and Army Commands (ACOMs).

  • By regulation CAA performs the following functions:
  • Theater-level analyses to assist the Chief of Staff of the Army to evaluate, plan, and execute the
    Army’s strategic force mission; establishing requirements and objectives for joint and combined theater,
    regional, low-intensity, and contingency forces.
  • Assessments of strategic concepts, alternative strategies, and military options.
  • Evaluations of force structure, design, capabilities, and requirements in the context of joint/combined forces for theater, low-intensity, and contingency operations.
  • Quick-reaction planning and operational assessments, which address pressing issues and the conduct of war.
  • Studies of the Army’s capabilities to mobilize, deploy, employ, and sustain.
  • Assessments of force modernization programs, affordability, requirements, and tradeoffs supporting Army inputs to the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System.
  • Analysis of combat support and service support systems, logistics, and personnel.
  • Conducting workshops and political-military gaming to address emerging issues.
  • Development of strategies and program guidelines that address energy, pollution, and environmental concerns.
  • Applying optimization methods to evaluate installation and stationing problems.
  • Development and maintenance of scenarios, models, databases, and techniques necessary to support CAA’s analytical mission and functions.

CAA Organization Chart


Technical Director

Chief of Staff

Simulation Proponent & Schools

Campaign Wargaming

Force Strategy

Chief Information Officer

Strategic Analysis Integration

M&S Strategy & Resources

Strategic Wargaming

Operations Analysis

Campaign Analysis

Resource Analysis

Strategic Studies

Deployment & Enablers

Forward Analytic Support

Strategic Partners