FD Mission

Equip and modernize the Army in accordance with National Priorities and the Army Campaign Plan to:

  • Support Overseas Contingency Operations
  • Enable generation of combat power
  • Facilitate global force management of trained and ready formations that can perform across the range
    of military operations
  • Deliver dominant land-based capabilities to Joint Force Commanders

FD Roles

  • Program resources against approved materiel requirements; provide fiscal stewardship
  • Inform long-range capital investments and ensure life cycle affordability
  • Provide materiel solutions to force structure
  • Enhance near and far term readiness with integrated capability solutions
  • Defend the equipping portion of the Army Program to Senior Leaders, Congress and the public
  • Lead Army engagements with the Joint Staff and Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • Mentor and lead the Army's Functional Area 50 (Force Management) Soldiers

Functional Area 50 (FA50)

The Director of FD is the Executive Agent for FA50 (Force Management) proponency, overseeing the policies and procedures for establishing a viable, credible, and challenging career path for the Army’s cadre of Force Management Officers.  The FA 50 community is designed to support and inform Army decision makers:

  • FA50s are found at HQDA, Army Command, and Army Service Component Command Headquarters, Corps, and Divisions—the highest levels of the operational and institutional Army.
  • FA50 Force Managers synchronize the myriad of Army and Joint processes and systems that define, build, and equip the force in support of the Combatant Commander and the Army Campaign Plan.
  • Army Force Management Officers "make Transformation happen." Professional development opportunities, including Advanced Civil Schooling and Army Fellowship programs, and ensure that the FA50's career path is relevant and rewarding while meeting the ever-growing requirements of managing continuous change in today’s Army.

To find out more about FA 50, please visit the FA50 Website