PA&E Mission

  • Develop and defend the Army program and FYDP
  • Assess, integrate, & synchronize the program
  • Develop and maintain the Army’s authoritative resource position database
  • Coordinate programming and budgeting phases to ensure an effective transition to the Army budget


PA&E Roles and Forums

  • Program Evaluation Groups (PEGs)
  • Planning, Programming, Budget Committee (PPBC)
  • Senior Review Group (SRG)
  • OSD 3-Star Programmers and OSD Program Review
  • Commander’s Program Assessments
  • COCOM Integrated Priority Lists
  • Army Systems Acquisition Review Council (ASARC)
  • FA 49 (ORSA) Executive Agent
  • RAND contract manager
  • Independent Analysis / Studies

PA&E Organization Chart


Deputy DirectorCivilian

Deputy DirectorMilitary

Centralized Administrative Support Staff

Command & Installation Program Analysis Division (CIPAD)

Manpower & Force Program Analysis Division (MAFPAD)

Acquisition Support Program Analysis Division (ASPAD)

Program Budget Data Management Division (PBDMD)

Program Development Division (PDD)